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The Partium Suite

Learn more about the Partium Suite and how our leading Enterprise Part Search can help you to sell more parts, drive maintenance efficiency, and more!

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Whether you want to sell more spare parts, support your parts desk and hotline team, or drive maintenance and warehouse efficiency, Partium can help you.



Partium Enterprise Part Search

Unlock your Aftermarket & Maintenance Potential with Partium, the easiest and most reliable spare part search.

Transform how technicians search for spare parts, empower your users, and increase part sales & maintenance efficiency.

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Partium Enterprise AI Part Search for Maintenance, After sales, Service

The innovative Partium AI Part Search not only helps you and your teams to find parts faster by using images, text, filters, QR- and barcodes, it also can enrich and enhance your data for you.

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Partium Technologies
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Partium AI Part Search

Our AI-based part search helps technicians, supply chain staff, and other users find parts in their systems quickly & smoothly. We can leverage your existing data and deliver great results in no time.

Our AI can also optimize existing spare parts data. We can add critical information to the data your teams are working with. This information enables you to access better ways to handle things like:

  • Deduplication and subsequential warehouse stock optimization
  • End of Life & Lifecycle Management
  • Finding alternative vendors for your parts
  • Adding additional information such as repair notes, tools needed, recycling/safety infos
  • Prioritization and flagging of critical parts

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Testimonials & Case Studies


OEBB Train Tech Wien Energie Deutsche Bahn Cargo Deutsche Bahn Fernverkehr DB Digitale Instandhaltung Fahrzeuge GF Machining Solutions ENGEL The Home Depot

Partium Find

Search & find parts faster.

Make it easy for technicians to find parts. Give them a search tool that supports them when they need it and helps them when things are getting stuck.

Partiums Multi-modal Fusion AI Search blends visual search, text search, code scanner and more into a simple, fast and reliable part search experience.

gear_Icon Visual Search: Find parts by snapping a picture of the part.
gear_Icon Text Search: Use descriptions and terms to find your part.
gear_Icon Code Scanner: Search by Data Matrix, QR or OCR.
gear_Icon Filters: Use Categories & Hierarchies to browse your parts lists.


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Partium Find


Partium Agent Portal

Collaborate on part searches.

Partium's Agent Portal helps you to introduce a collaborative approach to part search that drives efficiency in parts-related processes.

Technicians can now forward their part search query to your support hotline, help desk or warehouse team and request confirmation. Support staff can then take over the search, circle back to the technician and confirm the part.

gear_Icon Seamless handover from search to inquiry
gear_Icon Increased quality of parts-related inquiries
gear_Icon Streamlined communication between Aftersales & Maintenance teams


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Partium Agent Portal


Partium Analytics

Analyze your users' search behavior.

Get real-time insights into the state of your users search usage and everything you need to take action - with Partium Analytics. Dashboards let you gauge data across regions, plants, assets, parts —without the manual effort. Get actionable insights to keep work on track. Start using Partium Analytics today.

gear_Icon All search-related data at a glance
gear_Icon Helps you to understand your users part search journey
gear_Icon Makes users part search transparent - for the very first time


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Partium Analytics



Partium, the Productive Booster for Maintenance

'Finding Parts is so much faster when you have a search like Partium for your maintenance team. It makes a difference for our technicians and helps them spend less time on part searches and instead focus on wrench time.'

Neriman Ülkü, Sr. Consultant Fleet Planning


Deutsche Bahn uses Partium

Partium Data Optimization

Do you wonder, how Partium works?

We make your existing data work for you. All we need is your material ID and name.

We also use:

      • BoM, machine data, SAP data
      • Visual representations in 2D such as product images,
      • CAD files
      • Technical drawings
      • Information from spare parts catalogs
      • Categories, attributes, sizes, dimensions
      • Manufacturer information
      • Descriptions

Partium Data Optimization can even enrich & enhance your data for you.


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With Partium our customers benefit from


faster part searches.


more qualified part search requests.


more satisfied customers.


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