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The Partium Suite

Learn more about the Partium Suite and how our leading Enterprise Part Search can help you to sell more parts, drive maintenance efficiency, and more!

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Whether you want to sell more spare parts, support your parts desk and hotline team, or drive maintenance and warehouse efficiency, Partium can help you.



Partium Enterprise Part Search

Unlock your Aftermarket & Maintenance Potential with Partium, the easiest and most reliable spare part search.

Transform how technicians search for spare parts, empower your users, and increase part sales & maintenance efficiency.

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At Partium, we love spare parts - and we love to help customers all over the world to find them fast. Here is how our journey started.


The Partium Moment

We wanted to solve a problem every technician knows. 


Identifying spare parts can be challenging. Not only do you have to know the terminology and have domain expertise, but you’re inevitably faced with challenging scenarios like dirty parts, installed parts, and even worn or broken parts.

Solving these challenges and making things easier for everyone looking for spare parts got us to work on our Partium Enterprise Part Search. 

Partium finds Parts faster.

Becoming Partium

A team with a mission.


In 2020 we founded Partium Inc., a company solely committed to providing the fastest and most reliable part search experience in the market. Our scientists and engineers leverage leading technologies like visual and semantic search to help users find parts faster. 

The result is the only spare part search that is purpose-built for the unique challenges industrial users face daily.

Partium is the #1 Enterprise Part Search

The Next Level

Automating Spare Part Sales.


We are winning customers and partners all around the world and see more usage of our product than ever.  Now, our Enterprise Part Search Suite is helping to find millions and millions of spare parts every week. 

We want to change the way people buy & sell spare parts.

The way we can watch movies changed completely. The way we book our vacations. The way we can buy books and shoes. And now it´s time for the spare part business.

It´s time for Part Sales Automation.

Partium uses Visual Serach, Semantic Search and more!



Partium Inc.

709 N 2nd St
Philadelphia, PA 19123




Partium Technologies GmbH

Dresdner Straße 91,
1200 Vienna




Partium Tech Development, S.L.

Rambla de Catalunya 123, 08008


New Waterford

New Waterford

Partium Technologies, Inc.

3050 Wilson Ave, New Waterford, NS

Partium has an Office in New Waterforce, CA.