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The Partium Suite

Partium is the leading Enterprise Part Search Engine for industrial spare parts and home improvement components. With Partium, everyone can find the right part for the job! 

The Partium Suite is composed out of API, SDK, and mobile App and is ready to go.

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The Partium Enterprise Part Search Suite

The Partium Enterprise Part Search Suite


Discover & Learn

You are interested in Partium and want to learn how to get with Enterprise Part Search started?

We got you covered. Check out our Resource Center for Blog articles, Webinars, Whitepapers, and much more!

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We started Partium because we wanted to make part searches easy for everyone. Today, Partium is a global organization with offices in the US, Canada, Spain, Austria, and Germany.

Here you can find out more about Partium, who we are, and what we do.

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Discover the Partium Part Search Suite for Aftersales, Parts Retail & Maintenance

With Partium, your users can find parts in your spare parts catalogue, portal & web shop.

Search: Let your users search by image, text, tags and more
Sell: Confirm part searches and connect to your users
Analyze: user searches and step up your part analytics


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Partium Find helps technicians to find spare parts faster.

Bring AI to your spare part search

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Visual Part Search

With Partium, users can search your spare parts catalog, portal & webshop faster, easier, and more conveniently. Simply by snapping a picture of the part. 

Introduce your users to the next level of part search and help them to find every part within seconds.

Fast Visual Search by Picture / Image
Take an image with your smartphone or use existing images
Visual Search works - independent of skill or language level


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Partium is the next level of Part Search - and puts your users in control

Browsing part catalogs, portals and webshops takes time and is almost always inconvenient for users.

Our search capabilities are for both experienced or more junior users who need to find a unique part despite facing a catalog with limited or even unstructured information.

Partium Enterprise Part Search helps you find parts faster.

Semantic Text Search

With Partium, you can go beyond the limitations of the default basic text search that comes with your parts portal, parts catalog or webshop. With our advanced semantic text search, users can search by describing the function of a part, using synonyms or other descriptive terms to find the part in question.

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Bill of Materials (BoM) Search

The BoM on your Mobile Device Partium makes your Bill of Materials (BoM) accessible from your mobile device and allows users to search it immediately.

Our Enterprise Part Search leverages visual part search and text search and entails the familiar Bill of Materials with all its descriptive criteria.

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Search on all devices, everywhere

Partium is fully responsive and available on mobile, desktop & web. You can integrate Partium with the Partium SDK into your own applications as well. 

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Get started today!

Reduce the hassle of part search and integrate Partium into your existing procedures.


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