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The Partium Suite

Partium is the leading Enterprise Part Search Engine for industrial spare parts and home improvement components. With Partium, everyone can find the right part for the job! 

The Partium Suite is composed out of API, SDK, and mobile App and is ready to go.

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The Partium Enterprise Part Search Suite

The Partium Enterprise Part Search Suite


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We started Partium because we wanted to make part searches easy for everyone. Today, Partium is a global organization with offices in the US, Canada, Spain, Austria, and Germany.

Here you can find out more about Partium, who we are, and what we do.

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Successful strategy for effective spare part search

Successful strategy for effective spare part search

How to find Industrial Spare Parts and Replacement Parts in Seconds

The search for industrial spare parts and replacement parts is often very challenging. When a spare part is needed, there is usually a defect in a component or a worn part that urgently needs replacement. This can result in a breakdown of the machine in question—which in turn costs time and money, paralyzes production, and generates downtime costs.

The biggest enemy is time. Repairs need to be made quickly and the required spare part must fit perfectly. Service technicians begin by searching internal parts inventories—poring through catalogs, looking online, comparing items, and contacting manufacturers which can be incredibly time consuming and labor intensive.

The Internet can uncover a vast range of industrial spare parts and replacement parts, however, the stationary retail trade often will not have the necessary components in stock and lengthy delivery times further delay the repair of the broken machine.

Furthermore, searching for the right industrial spare part or replacement part seems almost impossible if neither the material number nor the article name is known. Countless online providers offer spare part searches on the Internet that are purely based on textual descriptions with only a small image preview—making it challenging for the searcher.

Partium’s Enterprise Part Search revolutionizes spare parts searches with an AI-based search function that is simple, fast, and efficient. Partium's SaaS solution is a winning strategy—especially for industrial companies that have regular contact with maintenance, aftersales, and services.

Lern from Customers’ Search Behavior & Simplify the Search for Spare Parts.

With Partium's SaaS software solution—Enterprise Part Search—you can find industrial spare parts and DIY parts within seconds. The AI-based search is ideally suited to spare part searches in the following areas:

  • Maintenance and repair

  • OEM aftermarket

  • DIY parts and retail parts

  • Independent aftermarket (IAM)

In principle, the search function is based on self-learning artificial intelligence that is able to understand spare parts in terms of content as well as recognize differences. A critical evaluation of user search behavior provides information on how customers behave within the search when they bounce, order, or hesitate.

With Partium’s Enterprise Part Search, you can gain a precise understanding of where your customers fail when searching for a spare part on their own, and learn where you can improve your own selection or system. Time is of the essence when customers are looking for the right spare part and usually it's not the price that matters but the speed of getting the spare part they need—how quickly they can find and order it. By simplifying your customer's search for the right spare part, you eliminate order cancellations and retain customers in the long term.


An Internet-based search function for spare parts that combines image, text and speech.

Partium’s Enterprise Part Search is a system that is pre-programmed for spare parts and understands spare part terminologies. The special feature of Partium's software solution is that the search for spare parts includes all possible sources of information and processes a combination consisting of language, text, and image.

In this way, the software solution combines a visual search with what the user enters in text form with the parts list search, and efficiently reduces search times. Technicians, prosumers, and B2C customers are able to find and order their required spare parts within minutes—mitigating interruptions to business.


Spare part search via visual search

  • Thanks to the visual search function, industrial spare parts and replacement parts can easily be photographed using a smartphone.
  • No previous knowledge or specialist knowledge is required. Partium is easy to use.
  • Software setup without images of your parts is possible and allows you to gather the images over time. Collaboration is also effective and image data can be created easily by a team.

Spare part search via text-based search

  • Text-based search is based on part numbers, keywords, descriptions, properties, and synonyms.


Spare part search via parts list search

  • Easily manage parts lists on your smartphone with access by other users

  • Browse parts lists by defining and filtering individual search criteria within your search area.


Integrating Partium is simple

Partium enhances your master data by transferring existing catalog information to the Partium search index and integrating key information. Partium contains the desired master data, eliminates sources of error, and makes it easier for your employees and/or customers to use as they no longer have to work with incomplete data sheets.


Advanced AI allows you to search and find spare parts in seconds

The intelligent image search function reduces language barriers and alleviates the challenges of not knowing what a particular spare part is called. By simply photographing with a smartphone or receiving an image file from a colleague who needs the spare part, you get full access to information regarding the spare part, procurement options, manufacturer, prices, and delivery times.

Thanks to the concepts used, the system is able to perform a text-based search (visual tags) or find matches that correspond to similar visual appearances.


Easy integration of Partium into your systems

Partium uses the Software Development Kit (SDK) for integration into your systems and thus creates a reliable interface to help you use the Enterprise Part Search comfortably and without mistakes. The powerful developer tool effortlessly integrates Partium search-engine technology into your application.

Create your own user interface and take advantage of extensive search features that combine text-based and visual spare part searches, as well as parts list search.

Thanks to a ready-to-use cellphone app, you can use the spare part search without restrictions and can benefit from easy operation and wide-ranging functions. Partium's own SDK provides the basis for app usage and enables rapid deployment of reliable solutions. If your digital system does not include an app or your in-house IT prefers to control separate operations, the Partium app is the perfect companion to take advantage of all the benefits of Partium’s Enterprise Part Search.

Thanks to the innovative Partium Cloud, users have a scalable and secure server where all search components can be accessed from the backend. It also includes user and data management so that error-free data synchronization can be provided in your own data center.

Partium Enterprise Part Search is set to revolutionize the way we search for industrial spare parts, replacement parts, and DIY parts.

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