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Review of the Maintenance Conference 2022 in Linz

Review of the Maintenance Conference 2022 in Linz

On September 13, 2022, we attended the Maintenance Conference 2022 in Linz, Austria. The Maintenance Conference is the largest networking event for those responsible for maintenance and repair.

Here, the focus is on new impulses such as digital maintenance tools and technological innovations, but also on the exchange of experience on in-house maintenance, third-party maintenance, and many other exciting topics.

Once again this year, 15 speakers and around 130 participants from renowned companies such as voestalpine Stahl, Fraunhofer Austria Research, Wien Energie, Wiener Linien, and DB Regio AG met at the voestalpine Stahlwelt in Linz to exchange technical information and network on the topics of maintenance and repair.

With his presentation "AI in Maintenance at Deutsche Bahn," our CEO Philipp Descovich provided exciting and practical insights into how Deutsche Bahn - a Partium customer - uses our Enterprise Part Search to identify spare parts in maintenance within seconds.

Here are some highlights. Deutsche Bahn:

  • Carries 4.8 billion passengers and 232 million tons of goods per year
  • Operates 17 maintenance plants with approx. 200 - 350 maintenance technicians per plant
  • Saves 8,400 person-days per year by using Partium Enterprise Part Search
  • Had to overcome initial resistance during implementation
  • Sees consistently increasing usage and popularity across all age and experience groups
  • Has found that the impact at the grassroots, maintenance staff level is tremendous
  • Sees an ROI that is very fast in the maintenance space (2 years max) 

The maintenance conference was a successful event with exciting presentations and great conversations from which we could take a lot. We were particularly happy with the numerous positive feedbacks on our customer case study Deutsche Bahn.

Many thanks to all participants, speakers, and organizers. We are looking forward to the next visit.

Would you like to learn more about Partium and are interested in the presentation "AI in maintenance at Deutsche Bahn"? Then contact us here - we will help you.


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