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Partium is the leading Enterprise Part Search Engine for industrial spare parts and home improvement components. With Partium, everyone can find the right part for the job! 

The Partium Suite is composed out of API, SDK, and mobile App and is ready to go.

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      We started Partium because we wanted to make part searches easy for everyone. Today, Partium is a global organization with offices in the US, Canada, Spain, Austria, and Germany.

      Here you can find out more about Partium, who we are, and what we do.

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        Maintenance Trends 2021 – 3 topics dominating the maintenace industry

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        We put in some research to find out more about the three biggest trends in the maintenance industry. That’s what we have gathered for you:


        Trend #1: Digital Transformation

        Digital transformation is the profound transformation of businesses and processes, organizational activities, competencies, and models to help reduce costs, improve productivity, and boost sustainability.
        Digital transformation has started in typical white-collar territories such as marketing, finance, human resources, etc. By now, traditional blue-collar industries focus on modernization and digitization processes too. The rise of cloud computing has been the enabler and built the foundation of deploying innovative technology and solutions within the maintenance and asset management field.
        EAM, ERP, and CMMS software help companies digitally manage their assets, monitor their plants and machines (conditional monitoring), and conduct predictive maintenance measures. With these tools, companies are trying to avoid unplanned downtimes and drive higher productivity and an overall better business performance.


        Trend #2: Mobility

        Mobile solutions change the way organizations do business and support maintenance technicians in terms of productivity. They can access, store, and share information directly on-site via smartphone. It allows them to track and record the work and report on equipment more often and with higher accuracy. There is no need for lengthy walking routes, manual paperwork, or written sticky notes, often getting lost or misinterpreted.

        The main benefits of implementing a mobile solution include:
        • Accessing spare part or equipment data within seconds
        • Increased availability of important information such as work order history
        • Improved data quality
        • No lack of data
        • Transparency

        Maintenance Trends - Partium is one of them!

        Trend #3: Change Management

        When implementing or upgrading a system, adding new functionality, etc., change management must be considered. Most of the time, change itself is not the issue; it is how change is presented that causes trouble.
        Include teams in the decision-making process to improve user adoption and achieve successful change management. When spending a significant amount of time and money on a new project, make sure also to take the time required to build and apply change management and adoption strategy. Have a plan and milestones to realize the ROI promised by the latest software or process.

        Are you working in maintenance and still looking for an innovative, mobile solution to accelerate your processes? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We are happy to tell you more about Partium and how your company can benefit from it.

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