How to take the best images with the Partium app for image search

Good light, clean background, without blur, and including the object as a whole are ideal conditions for visual part search

To receive the best results and to help the system find the correct part type follow these guidelines when taking a picture:

  • Good lighting environment: images should not be too dark or too bright so that the object can be seen properly. Especially when there is a reflective, shiny, or metallic material, the image should contain the least amount of gloss points, ideally none.
  • Images should only include the part you are looking for in the picture and avoid having other things included.
  • Take the picture from a perspective that shows the significant characteristics of a part. Imagine you have a cup, you would take the picture from the side seeing the whole body and the handle properly.
  • Focus the camera so that the images are not blurry.
  • Try to use a clean and steady background with as little texture as possible and without other objects lying around. If background images had been provided for training, then those are the preferred surfaces to put the part type on when taking a picture.

Partium accepts the file types png and jpg.

Reference images

When adding reference images to Partium, it's recommended to use images with the largest size possible, ensuring that the shorter side of the image does not fall below 960px.