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The Partium Suite

Partium is the leading Enterprise Part Search Engine for industrial spare parts and home improvement components. With Partium, everyone can find the right part for the job! 

The Partium Suite is composed out of API, SDK, and mobile App and is ready to go.

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The Partium Enterprise Part Search Suite

The Partium Enterprise Part Search Suite


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You are interested in Partium and want to learn how to get with Enterprise Part Search started?

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We started Partium because we wanted to make part searches easy for everyone. Today, Partium is a global organization with offices in the US, Canada, Spain, Austria, and Germany.

Here you can find out more about Partium, who we are, and what we do.

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Enterprise Part Search for the Independent Aftermarket (IAM)

Make the part search process easier, faster, and more precise for your customers. With Partium, technicians and independent workshops know what part they need and can place an order at a moment's notice.


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Double down on part search time

Enable technicians to find the right spare part for the job. Reduce repetitive and administrative time spent on part search and make ordering from your webshop a breeze.


more qualified spare part and service requests


Average Order Volume (AOV) increase


reduction in part search-related hotline calls


Independent Aftersales  (IAM) Features


Grow your Independent Aftersales Business

With Partium, you can make searching and ordering original spare parts a breeze for customers, prosumers, and independent workshops.  

Give them a powerful search tool that allows them to search by image and re-order right away.

Partium makes part searches fun for your customers and helps you to drive your parts business!


Reduce Part Returns and Restocking Costs

Partium can contribute to a significantly lower return rate of spare parts. How?

With Partium, you give your customers an additional option to find the right part as opposed to ordering multiple similar-looking ones.

With Partium, you can reduce incorrect parts orders, subsequent returns, and related costs for returns, restocking, and refunding.


Keep your Service team focussed - on the stuff that matters

If you can take a picture with a smartphone, you can use Partium. 

With the Partium Enterprise Part Search, you can empower your customers to find the right spare parts on their own.

Reduce the number of part-search-related queries your hotline and service chat has to handle so they can focus on the inquiries with potential.


Enter New Markets

We created Partium to make part searches easier for everyone - no matter the expertise & skill level.

With Partium, you can empower customers with all kinds of backgrounds, expertise, and training to find the right spare part.

Partium is a powerful tool for both developed and emerging markets and opens up a lot of great opportunities to increase your total addressable market!


Partium integrates well in your systems!


Connect Easily.


Partium is built to fit smoothly into your maintenance environment. Introduce a powerful enterprise part search engine into your EAM, ERP, and CMMS and make your existing applications even more powerful.

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ENGEL Injection Molding

I cannot stress how important this project was to grow our aftersales business in a sustainable way. We use Partium to help our customers order spare parts from us, reduce hotline workloads in all markets. It has been a great success!



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If you can take a picture with a smartphone, you can use Partium. Starting the revolution of enterprise part search is that simple.


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